Yacht Spinnaker Poles/Whisker Poles
 Sailing School and Rigging can supply Spinnaker poles for a range of Yachts. 
Sailing School and Rigging stock a selection of spinnaker pole extrusions from 45mm to 70mm.We can produce new or replacement spinnaker poles and get you back out sailing if you are unfortunate enough to break one.There is a diverse selection of end fittings available for standard or automatic operation.We carry a good selection of pole ring brackets for your mast as well as track sliders and cars if the positioning on the mast needs to be adjustable. For Spinnaker pole stowage, we can supply on mast kits, or brackets, either for your mast or stanchions. See spinnaker pole tracks and car page for more detail. 

Spinnaker poles
The length of a spinnaker pole is determined by the "J" dimension of your boat.  The diameter of a spinnaker pole is proportional to its length in order to provide the necessary compressive strength.
The "J" dimension is the distance from the forward face of the mast to the outer most jib tack at deck level.   This dimension is used by the sail maker to properly size the spinnaker for a given boat.  Boats with fixed bow sprits can have very long "J" dimensions.   This means that if you have a cutter, the "J" extends to the outermost jib tack, not the staysail tack.  The only time this dimension is "altered" is in cases where a "J corrected" measurement is used or a "penalty pole" is used. These poles are a percentage over true "J" based on a set of criteria that varies from class to class. Your racing certificate will list your boat's maximum "J" and any penalties for longer poles.
Our Yacht poles can be supplied with a number of different ends, Harken, Forespar, Holt etc. The poles start at 45mm and go up to 80mm and all are anodised Silver.
If you are not sure what length you need for your Spinnaker pole check out the following website, just find your boat and it will give you the "J" measurement. (Mast to Stemhead) 
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