Spinnaker Pole tracks and cars

25mm and 32mm "T" tracks are now available.
Track lengths are up to 4 Metres

Plunger ring sliders or floating cars are available.

Vertical pole stowage kits can be supplied, just let me know the size of boat you have and I can send you a quote. This system works well if you have a heavy pole or you want to keep it off the deck.

The kit consists of the following:
Track (25 or 32mm)
Ring slider
2 x Track end stops
2 x Clam cleats for ring slider control
2 x cheek blocks
Control rope for slider

Shorter tracks can be supplied if you do not want to store the pole on the mast or for the fixed position a fixed ring riveted to the front of the mast.

Spinnaker pole controlsVertical pole stowage kit
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