Mast/Boom Repairs

If you have a damaged rig or need work done aloft give me a call, I will be happy to quote.

bent mastA dented mast/boom may be able to be repaired, sometimes a new section can be added. Small cracks can be drilled at the bottom to prevent the crack getting any longer. Many problems happen when a stainless fitting is removed and  water has got in, dissimilar metals do not go well together, avoid fitting anything stainless unless you put paste or foam between the alloy and stainless.

Free rig checks are available for local boatyards, the rig check comes with a detailed report.

broken boomWhen repairing the mast with rivets only use monel rivets, they are very strong and will not corrode.

Two sizes of rivet are common, 3/16" and 1/4", correct drill size is important, 3/16" = 4.9 and 1/4" = 6.5. Riv nuts are also a good way of securing fittings.

Please contact Sailing School and Rigging if you have any questions.

Email: craig@sailingschoolandrigging.com
Telephone: 07894507812

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